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  • Mickey Thompson ET Street® R Tire

    $224.36 $214.99

    Mickey Thompson ET Street® R Tire 

    A drag tire that can be driven on the street. ET Street R from Mickey Thompson is a D.O.T street legal drag tire with proven race compounds and incredible traction.

    • D.O.T. approved for street use
    • Minimal tread void provides excellent tread-contact
    • Available in most popular sizes
    • Tubeless construction provides leak-free seal without the expense and hassle of tubes

    Tire specs can be found here. 

    Available sizes. (Please contact us if you don't see the size you are looking for)

    P225/50R15 3550 
    P255/60R15 3553 
    P275/50R15 3552
    P275/60R15 3559
    P325/50R15 3555 
    26X10.50-15LT 3551 
    28X11.50-15LT 3554 
    P275/40R17 3573
    P305/45R17 3572
    P315/35R17 3571
    P315/50R17 3576
    P305/45R18 3580