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  • WHITELINE Lowering Coilover Kit - 2015-2018 Mustang GT

    $2,849.99 $2,564.99

    The MAXG coilovers utilize race proven inverted damper technology


    • Drop Height Front: 30-60mm
    • Drop Height Rear: 30-60mm
    • Adjustable: Yes
    • Camber Adjustable: Only with our adjustable topmounts
    • Caster Adjustable: No
    • Dampening Adjust Type : Rebound dampening (12 clicks)
    • Damper Type: Coilover + Racing springs
    • Spring Rate Front: 80N 
    • Spring Rate Rear: 50N 
    • Strut Tops Included: No


    • The MAXG coilovers utilize race proven inverted damper technology, producing an extremely strong damper, providing superior suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads for both road and track applications.
    • The large 44.5mm diameter damper bore delivers increased surface area loading, eliminating ‘bending’ during high impact loading that is associated with conventional dampers.
    • Twin low friction bearing for improved support and system stability complete with an upper seal to eliminate the ingress of contaminants, providing system longevity.


    • Precision machined & engineered inverted mono tube mcpherson struts, 14mm diameter piston rod internally mounted with a 40mm diameter piston, utilizing hardened polished chromed low friction piston tubing, reduces damper stiction or motion breakaway.
    • Improved damper body wall thickness controls strength vs heat dissipation, ensuring overall damper stability and consistency.
    • The pinch clamp adjustable spring perch eliminates the spring perch from rotating if the locking nut is left loose.
    • Fine thread pitch spring perch provides a ’finer’ level of height adjustment per turn than conventional dampers.
    • High quality, european manufactured, chrome silicone springs ‘conditioned’ to ensure consistent spring rate parity and endurance.
    • Spring perches built around a ‘racing industry’ standard racing spring size, providing greater chassis tuning customization.
    • Long travel dampers allow sufficient open and closed length to ensure excellent bump and rebound travel, removing the likelihood of wheel lift and maintaining positive traction.


    • 12 stage rebound adjustment system provides an increase in rebound damping force, delivering improvements in vehicle body motion without making the car overly stiff on compression.
    • Perfect for everyday daily driver use and track racing utilizing the customized damper to spring rate ratio whilst providing the flexibility to handle mild changes in spring rates.
    • Internal blow-off valve system ensures controlled ‘blow off’ during high velocity inputs removing any interference with the rebound adjustment.
    • Provided with a specific spring perch adjustment tools eliminating the likelihood of adjuster slippage during the adjustment phase.
    • Fine thread pitch spring perch provides a ’finer’ level of height adjustment per turn than conventional dampers.
    • The MAXG range is hand built in Europe using high quality precision machined steel components and decades of motorsport experience to ensure optimum performance and longevity.