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  • Whipple 2.9L Supercharger - 2011-2014 F150 5.0L

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    Whipple 9psi Inter-Cooled Gen 3 2.9L Supercharger - 2011-2014 F150 5.0L 

    Includes our proven Oz Tuning Forced Induction tune for FREE! A $600 value.


    If you want the most advanced, most powerful, most upgradeable and highest quality system available, then here it is! Whipple Superchargers has yet again set a new precedence for bolt-on power with the all new DI/PI Stage 1 and Stage 2 Supercharger systems featuring the new Gen 3 2.9L Whipple twin-screw supercharger. It's more efficient, and makes 30-50 whp more than the Gen 2 blower at the same boost level.

    Since 1987, Whipple Superchargers™ have been the pioneers and leaders of twin-screw supercharging. Whipple’s team have now engineered the most powerful intercooled twin-screw SC system available today for your Ford F150. With all the latest technology, the all new Whipple system makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger system on the market giving you tire frying, neck whipping power that will give you a grin from ear to ear. The new Whipple system is 100% complete and is designed for stock engines but has enough capability to work with heavily modified engines.

    The all-new system features Whipple’s massive oversized air-to-water intercooler for unmatched cooling capacity, a unique front feed W175ax (a whopping 2.9 liters) integrated Whipple twin-screw supercharger that reaches 99% volumetric efficiency and industry leading power potential. The unique intercooled bypass system offers better acceleration and less than 1hp of consumption during cruising for excellent fuel economy. The system also includes high-flow fuel injectors and an aluminum high flow intake manifold. While others claim, Whipple Superchargers simply deliver more power per pound of boost than any other supercharger on the market today.


    • No other upgrades required, just massive power right out of the box
    • Front feed Gen 3 supercharger utilizes precision ground helical cut gears vs a problematic belt
    • Oversized Crusher™ inlet for maximum airflow capacity and minimal rotor cavitation
    • Front feed allows for oversized intercooler core compared to other smaller intercooler cores giving Whipple lower air charge temps which allows more boost and timing to be run on pump gas
    • Massive air-to-water aluminum bar-plate intercooler offers more cooling than any other positive displacement system available, nothing comes close
    • Massive oversized aluminum intercooler reservoir (over 2 gallons) holds more than double any competitors IC water system allowing longer more consistent power
    • Whipple Superchargers massive oversized intercooled air-bypass system for industry leading reduction of burst knock and incredible fuel economy
    • Self-contained oversized oil system for dramatically reduced oil temps in even the most demanding conditions
    • Exclusive 3x5 rotor combo for significant increase in airflow under the curve than less efficient 4x6 rotor combo or 4x4 roots
    • Center discharge port for better cylinder to cylinder distribution then other twin-screws with cobbled together billet adapters and forward facing discharge
    • W175ax SC bottom is open for increased plenum volume and better over-intercooler air distribution giving more intercooler effectiveness
    • Extra plenum volume below intercooler core for far less pressure drop
    • Discharge down design allows for less pressure loss which gives more power at lower boost levels
    • Top mount design allows for cooler operation then upside down SC's that conduct heat from engine and are trapped by runners and covers, causing hotter manifold temps and less power per pound of boost
    • More boost at the "hit" than any other twin-screw
    • Flat torque curve for incredible acceleration
    • Oversized heat exchanger for incredible intercooler water temps
    • Fits under factory hood with no modifications
    • No internal modifications required
    • Completed installation looks factory installed, not some cobbled together kit with multiple billet adapters
    • Kits come complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation
    • Unique oil level sight glass for easy oil level and quality check, no dipstick to bind or misread
    • Plug and play wiring with male and female connections
    • Stainless steel tapered jack-shaft with unique plastic cover (or optional carbon fiber) for increased safety
    • OEM quick connect fittings for easy installation, no ugly brass or steel fittings on the SC
    • Easily upgradeable with big cold air intakes and bigger throttle bodies (90mm round or 140mm elliptical)
    • Instant boost at the touch of the throttle
    • 3 minute pulley changes
    • Lightweight pocketed SC pulley
    • 160 degree Thermostat for cooler engine temps.
    • NGK IRIDIUM IX (LTR7IX-11) 6510 One Step Colder Plugs

    The Whipple front feed system uses the stock 2013-2014 GT500 dual spray pattern, Bosch mid-length 58lb/hr fuel injectors and extruded billet high flow fuel rails to supply plenty of fuel for up to 800 engine horsepower, over 23% more capacity then our nearest competitor. Each fuel rail comes hard anodizied with laser Whipple logo engraving while the fuel injectors come with a stainless steel position lock to hold the injectors facing the optimum direction. 

    Each Whipple system comes with proper emissions compatible fuel line with OEM quick connect fittings for simple installation.