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  • VMP TWINJET 69 MM Throttle Body - VMP/GT500 - 2011-2017 5.0L Coyote


    Stay a step ahead of the competition in ease of use and in  power potential with VMP’s Twinjet 69 mm throttle body. 

    VMP-TJ69-G VMP-TJ69-F

    VMP continues the tradition of providing the highest quality and most driveable throttle bodies, just a little bit bigger.  

    VMP's easy to tune twin blade design is at home on both naturally aspirated and supercharged applications.  

    Recommended for NA engines making 400-500+ rwhp

    Recommended for supercharged GT500/Coyote making 550-800 rwhp

    The VMP Twinjet 69 mm throttle body not only increases airflow, but it also uses native electronics that come stock on the ‘05-‘14 Mustangs, F-150, and GT500. 

    *The larger 69 mm blades may interfere with Roush and Shelby supercharger inlets, but is right at home on the VMP line of superchargers.  For stock Roush and Shelby applications see the VMP Twinjet 67 mm PN: VMP-TJ67-G