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  • VMP PERFORMANCE Gen3R 2.65L TVS Supercharger Kit Complete Ford Mustang GT 2015-2017



    VMP’s flagship Gen3R is right at home on your daily driver, or your 8 second street-strip monster. VMP-SK1517MG3R

    One supercharger can meet your needs now, and in the future. Different pulley sizes allow you to achieve different boost and thus horsepower levels. The Gen3R can be turned-down to as little as 675-725 rear-wheel horsepower, or turned up to 1200+ rear-wheel horsepower.This kit uses our latest VMP Gen3R 2.65 L TVS head unit and includes everything you need to boost your car.


    850+ RWHP or tuned 1,000+ rear wheel horsepower

    Warrantied components

    Maintains stock-like driveability

          Supercharger kit includes:

    • VMP Gen3R 2.65 L TVS supercharger head-unit
    • Cast aluminum supercharger lower intake manifold with integrated CAC (charge air cooler / intercooler)
    • VMP Twinjet 69 MM throttle body
    • 125 MM air intake system
    • VMP billet aluminum fuel rails
    • FIC 1000 CC fuel injectors
    • VMP Plug and Play fuel pump booster
    • Heavy duty first-sheave FEAD system with belt, all idlers, tensioner, and bracketry
    • VMP dual-fan triple-pass heat exchanger / low-temp radiator
    • Intercooler pump with lines and reservoir for supercharger low-temp cooling system
    • VMP plug and play wiring harness set
    • All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses and clamps you need to supercharge!

    *Not approved for sale or installation in the state of California or any other states that require an EO number.

    EPA Warning: Item has potential to violate the Clean Air Act.