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  • VMP PERFORMANCE Supercharger Kit - Gen3R 2.65 L TVS - Complete - 2011-14 Ford F150 5.0L

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    VMP SUPERCHARGER KIT F-150.5.0 2011-14 VMP-SK1114FG3R

    VMP’s line of coyote superchargers does not stop with Mustangs. The same tire-shredding performance is available for your Ford F-150 5.0 L truck!

    This kit starts with our latest supercharger, the VMP Gen3R 2.65L TVS, and includes everything you need to boost your coyote truck.


    • Rated at 675 HP and 525 Ft/Lb TQ*
    • Warrantied components
    • Complete kit with custom tuning
    • Easy to install at home in 8-12 hours by following our videos
    • Maintains stock-like driveability
    • Expandability - room to grow when you want to upgrade

    The VMP Gen3R is our latest supercharger head unit. It works great for the weekend racer, tow pig, or daily-driver. Whether you are hauling the family, or a trailer, your truck will turn into a whole new animal with this supercharger kit. The coyote 5.0 L engine found in F150s is ½ a point lower in compression than the regular Mustang 5.0 L, 10.5:1 in the trucks vs 11:1 in the Mustang. Slightly down on power due to the truck cams and lower compression, it’s ripe for boost from a VMP supercharger. Stock trucks generally dyno around 275 rear-wheel horsepower, the VMP Gen3R will boost that to 450-550 RWHP and beyond. VMP’s kits are fully upgradeable with larger throttle bodies and smaller pulleys for when you install supporting mods and want even more power. Do you tow in the mountains? By the time you have hit 5,000 feet you have lost 25% of your power, effectively making your truck pull like a V6. The boost from a VMP TVS supercharger makes up for that loss in air density, and if you’ll be living and towing at high altitudes, you can choose to pulley your supercharger down to compensate.

    VMP TVS supercharger kit includes:

    • VMP Gen3R 2.65 L TVS supercharger head-unit
    • Cast aluminum supercharger lower intake manifold with integrated CAC (charge air cooler / intercooler)
    • VMP Twinjet 69mm throttle body
    • 120MM air intake system
    • VMP billet aluminum fuel rails
    • FIC 1000 CC fuel injectors
    • Heavy duty first-sheave FEAD system with belt, all idlers, tensioner, and bracketry.
    • VMP dual-fan and triple-pass heat exchanger / low-temp radiator with F150 bracket
    • Intercooler pump with lines and reservoir for supercharger low-temp cooling system
    • VMP plug and play wiring harness set
    • All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses and clamps you need to supercharger your truck!


    No firewall or cowl modification required due to the included low-profile supercharger intake manifold!
    Included spacer allows throttle body to be flipped for additional cowl clearance.
    Factory engine degas bottle/airbox is replaced by stand-alone degas tank and CAI.
    *93 octane recommended for best performance and rated power output
    *Not approved for sale or installation in the state of California or any other states that require an EO number.

    Recommended parts:

    In 2014 Ford switched to a 4-rib AC pulley and balancer, you will need to install the 6-rib parts if you have a 4-rib AC belt. Part # VMP-SUPK063

    NGK IRIDIUM IX Spark Plugs 6510 (Pre-Gapped) - 2015-2019

    *Not approved for sale or installation in the state of California or any other states that require an EO number. EPA Warning Item has potenial to violate Clean Air Act.