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  • VMP Gen3R Head Unit Upgrade Kit for 2011-2017 Coyote 5.0L

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    VMP Gen3R Head Unit upgrade kit for 2011-2017 Coyote 5.0L


    This item is the head-unit only and associated hardware.  You must have an existing blower kit, for complete packages to go from naturally aspirated to boosted.

    **Magnuson Dynamic Flow Technology (DFT), aka VMP Gen3RSS, is available upon check out - simply select the option to add it to your cart. DFT is recommended for extreme power builds and race applications running at least 22 lbs of boost or 1,000+ horsepower.**
    The ultimate supercharger for your 2011- 2017 Coyote Mustang GT 5.0 L with the VMP or Roush kit.
    Based on VMP’s extensive experience with Eaton TVS superchargers we have significantly upped the ante with the new VMP Gen 3R.  
    Our latest blower is capable of meeting the needs of the weekend cruiser all the way up to your all-out drag strip bruiser.  
    Utilizing the latest patent-pending inlet port technology and Eaton 2.65L TVS rotors the VMP Gen3R is able to produce amazing horsepower numbers.  Available pulley sizes allow this supercharger to be run from 12 psi to 25+ psi.  Capable of 700-1250+ rear-wheel horsepower.  

    What’s different compared to the original VMP Gen3 TVS supercharger?

    • All new casting
    • Patent-pending port geometry
    • Smoother airflow path into rotors
    • Uses stock GT500 throttle-body bolt pattern for an improved short turn radius

    What kind of horsepower gain can you expect over the original Gen3?

    • The 3R starts showing a performance improvement with 82mm and smaller pulleys
    • With a 69mm upper only expect a 30-40rwhp gain
    • With a 69mm & 15% we saw a 75rwhp gain, click to see this video
    • Best gains are seen with a large enough throttle body

    Throttle body recomendations:

    • VMP Twinjet 67mm or Twinjet 69mm up to 700-800rwhp
    • VMP 137 Monoblade for 800+rwhp
    • VMP 163R Monoblade for 1000+rwhp