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VMP PERFORMANCE 90mm Idler Pulley - Roush, Whipple, and VMP Superchargers


90MM Idler pulley for use with smaller SC pulleys for Roush, Whipple, and VMP Superchargers. 

The VMP 90mm idler pulley uses a factory size and brand NSK heavy-duty bearing, when the proper sized bearing is used the need for double bearings is eliminated. 

Use this idler to take up belt slack and get better wrap with smaller supercharger pulleys. Can be used with 2.4"", 2.5"", 2.6"", 2.7"" or 2.8"" super charger pulleys on a 07-12 Shelby GT500. 

Can be used on the 11+ 5.0L Mustang GT with the Roush, Whipple and VMP Superchargers. (Some filing may be needed due to core shift in the bracket for the idlers.) 

Also used with Roush M90 and P51 TVS blowers when installing a smaller SC pulley, install below the supercharger pulley. 

Will fit other applications that require an idler with 17mm bore. Factory bolt is re-used. 

On a GT500 the idler pulley should be installed below the intercooler tubes, to the left side of the blower.