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  • VMP PERFORMANCE 100mm Idler Pulley


    100MM Idler pulley for use with smaller SC pulleys.

    The VMP 100mm idler pulley uses a factory size and brand NSK bearing, when the proper sized bearing is used the need for double bearings is eliminated. Use this idler to take up belt slack and get better wrap with smaller supercharger pulleys. Factory bolt is re-used. Hard black anodized will not wear off with belt contact.

    Two of these idlers allows for the use of the stock belt with a 2.6 to 3.0 upper on an 03/04 cobra. 

    Fits 11-16 5.0L Mustang with TVS blower, a small amount of grinding is required, recommended for pulleys 69mm and smaller.

    Does not fit 07-14 GT500.