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  • VAS Specialties 3/5 Performance Suspension Package 2015-2020 Ford F150


    This is hands down the best performance kit for your F-150.


    VAS 3/5 Performance suspension package! The ultimate suspension kit for your 2015-2020 F-150! This kit comes with Viking double adjustable coil overs and shock! Gain complete control of your suspension. Dial in the perfect settings for street or track! Reduce 60ft times, sets the truck at 3/5 drop and eliminate wheel hop with this kit!  

    Includes the following. 

    Bolt on coil over mounts (front)
    Viking coil overs 
    Rear frame bump stops.
    18mm replacement bolt for the driver side leaf spring
    Bolt on shock relocation kit (rear)
    Viking smooth body shocks 
    VAS flip kit with new Ubolts 
    VAS Traction bar kit. 

    Built to order.

    Please allow 3-4 weeks for items to ship*****