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15-17 - Mustang GT - Omega Tune - Advanced Mods

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Omega - The End

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    The "Advanced" Omega tune covers modifications that may require extensive datalogging. These modifications include: high stall torque converters, non-stock camshafts, nitrous and other modifications that drastically impact airflow. 

    Omega is the last tune you will ever need for your S550 Coyote. No longer will you need to carry around your programmer "just in case". No more worrying about poor quality fuel. No more sacrificing economy for performance. NO MORE COMPROMISES!

***After placing your order, please fill out the Tune Form so that we can begin building your tune. 

    The Omega tune is unlike any other tune currently available. We have designed a tune that not only can be used with any fuel octane, but is also flex-fuel capable and can be used with E85 or any blend of E85 and gasoline you choose. (Flex functions require a datalog review before activating). Not only is Omega compatible with any fuel octane you choose, it is constantly monitoring engine functions in real-time and will automatically optimize performance to match your specific fuel quality and driving conditions. So, power and efficiency will always be optimized for your vehicle, your mods, your fuel quality, and your driving conditions. 

Omega Features:
  • Compatible with any fuel octane
  • Complete Flex-Fuel functions (most applications can use stock injectors)
  • Real-time optimization of performance and efficiency
  • Vastly improved throttle response (without feeling artificial or "touchy")
  • Increased low-end torque and part throttle performance
  • Crisp and precise shifts for automatic transmissions that aren't overly firm or too aggressive
  • Unbelievable top-end power

Omega truly is the last tune you will ever need!

** Requires SCT programmer.

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