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15-17 - Mustang GT - Forced Induction Tune

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Omega - S550 Forced Induction Tune

    If you've added boost to your Mustang GT... you've made the right move. The only thing you're missing now is an Oz Tuning Omega Tune! Let us optimize performance, power delivery, drivability, and transmission functions to match the power your rig is now capable of. Like all Oz Tuning tunes, our forced induction tunes are designed to provide maximum horsepower, while still maintaining safety and reliability. We are the Forced Induction S550 experts! 

Supported Applications:

  • Check with us to verify your application.

  Please note that all Forced Induction tunes will require extensive datalogging. Instructions will be provided, but you will need to be comfortable with downloading and emailing file attachments to complete the tuning process. 

Forced induction tunes require premium fuel (91 octane or higher) and are built for a SINGLE FUEL OCTANE. 

After purchasing your tune you must fill out a complete Tune Form before we can build your base tune.