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  • 170 Degree Thermostat 2011-2019 5.0L

    $65.00 $55.00

    170 Degree Performance Thermostat 

    *DIRECT FIT* (Not a smaller size like some manufacturers)

    • Lower operating temperatures by 20 degrees
    • Easy to install
    • O-Ring included
    • No modifications required

        The OEM thermostat on Ford Coyote engines is designed to open at 195 degrees and normal operating temps will hover around 215 degrees. These temperatures are not ideal for performance, and hotter temps can equate to reduced power due to required ignition timing retard. Lowering the operating temp of the engine can lower intake air temperatures, and prevent damaging and power-robbing knock. Lower operating temps can also reduce oil break down, reduce wear, and increase reliability and durability. 

    This thermostat does require custom tuning to take advantage of the lower opening temp. If you already have an Oz Tuning tune, your purchase will include a free update. Simply email sales@tuningbyoz.com to request your free tune update prior to installing. If you do not have an existing Oz Tuning tune, you can add an Omega Basic tune to this item, and receive a $50 discount on the tune. Please use the drop down box above to choose. 

    California Residents: Prop 65