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  • PBH Gen 1 6R80 Transmission Harness for Coyote Swaps


    PBH Gen 1 6R80 Transmission Harness for Coyote Swaps PCP-1117

    The PBH 6r80 transmission harness gives you exactly what you need to get the swap done. PBH's harness uses OEM connectors, is completely loomed, and labeled. The blunt leads are to simplify speedometer connection and are clearly labeled. The O2 Sensor leads are extended so aftermarket extension harnesses do not need to be added for long tube or custom header design. Designed for use in engine swaps where the 6R80 automatic transmission is being used. It is compatible with all 2011-17 6r80 transmissions from both Mustang and F150. It is designed for off road use only.


    All connectors are loomed and labelled for easy installation. The following connectors and leads are included in this harness: STARTER- this lead with an eyelet is for the starter solenoid trigger. 

    ALT- this connector is for coyote alternator only. Compatible with 2011-17 Coyote alternators. 

    ELEC STEERING- this connector is for the electric steering rack from 2011-14 Mustang GT. Additional wiring is needed to complete installation. The provided plug is the pcm communication with the rack. TRANS-connector for the transmission DRIVER/PASS 02-connector for forward O2 sensors. 

    BODY HARNESS-this connector is the pass through from the trans harness direct to the body harness. 

    PCM-connector for transmission harness that connects direct to the PCM


    SPEEDO POWER(red)-provides 12v power for speedometer interface box 

    SPEEDO GROUND(blk/wht)-provides ground for speedometer interface box 

    SPEEDO SIGNAL(brwn/grn)-provides factory speed signal to be converted for aftermarket gauges