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Please write the change(s) or mods you have made. List brand of all parts, if known, and as much information as possible. (Must list brand of any CAI installed on vehicle). More info below.
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Oz Tuning Re-Tune  

This item applies only when you are an existing Oz Tuning customer. You should purchase this tune if you have added additional modifications to your vehicle that will require and update to your tune. This purchase includes all necessary datalogging to optimize your previous tune to for your new modifications.

There are several options to chose from in the drop down menu. Minor modifications such as,  intakes, headers, or exhaust would qualify as a "Basic" update. More extensive modifications that will require more involved tuning and datalogging, like cams, or torque converters would be considered "Advanced".  All forced induction tunes that require a re-tune should choose the "Forced Induction" option. 

***If you are not sure if your particular modifications require modification to your tune, please contact us before making your purchase. 

Note for 2018 GT Intake Manifolds - specify if you have the IMRC's locked out or not please, to speed up your order.