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  • Hp Tuners nGauge - Ford

    $549.95 $449.00

    nGauge Digital Gauge - Touch Screen Tuner/Datalogger  62001 

    Gauge Functions

    • Display up to 6 User-Configurable digital gauges simultaneously
    • Choose form hundreds of OBD2 and OEM specific signals
    • Easily record datalogs to included MicroSD card
    • Read/Clear DTC trouble codes

    Tuning Features

    • Compatible with most 2005 and newer Ford vehicles
    • Accepts tunes from any HP Tuners VCM Suite
    • Read/Save stock file (Stock file can be reloaded at any time)
    • Included MicroSD card can hold hundreds of tunes and/or several hours of datalogs
    • Record up to 23 datalogging parameters simultaneously

    Hardware Specifications

    • Color Touch Screen Display (Stylus Included)
    • 6 Programmable LEDs (Shift Light, Warning Lights, etc)
    • 2 Analog Inputs for adding optional sensors like Boost and AFR
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
    • Save/Load tunes, download datalogs, or update device firmware on any computer and any operating system
    • Easy drag/drop user interface
    • Fits 2", 2-5/8", and 3-1/8" gauge pods with included adapter