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  • Mickey Thompson ET Street® S/S Tire

    $222.00 $204.99

    Mickey Thompson ET Street® S/S Tire

    A street tire that can be driven on the track, the ET Street S/S from Mickey Thompson is a high performance street to strip tire with radial construction, R2 compound and more; 15- to 20-inch fitments.

    • D.O.T. approved for street use
    • Equivalent tread void as the ET Street Radial II, redistributed for improved hydroplane resistance while providing plenty of tread contact for excellent dry traction
    • Proven R2 compound, the same proven compound used on the quickest “drag radials” on the planet provides superior traction at the strip with little or no burnout required
    • Tubeless construction provides leak-free seal without the expense and hassle of tubes

    Available sizes. (Please contact us if you don't see the size you are looking for)
    P235/60R15 3450 
    P255/60R15 3452 
    P275/50R15 3451 
    P275/60R15 3453 
    P295/55R15 3454 
    P295/65R15 3455 
    P255/50R16 3460 
    P275/40R17 3470 
    P315/35R17 3471
    P275/45R18 3484 
    P305/35R18 3480
    P305/35R19 3491 
    P275/40R20 3401
    P305/35R20 3402