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  • Mickey Thompson Street Comp™ Tire

    $157.31 $138.99
    The Mickey Thompson Street Comp radial is an ultra-high performance tire designed for street. Engineered for high speed handling and cornering ability. Compounded for traction and responsiveness in both wet and dry conditions.
    Street Comp is the perfect tire for late model American muscle cars and Pro Touring type applications. 

      • Asymmetric tread design
      • Superior wet and dry performance
      • Aggressive steering response
      • Lightweight construction

      Tire specs can be found here.

      Available sizes. (Please contact us if you don't see the size you are looking for)

      245/45R17 95Y 6273
      275/40R17 98W 6275
      315/35R17 102W 6278
      245/40R18 97Y 6284
      255/45R18 103W 6286
      275/35R18 99Y 6287
      275/40R18 99Y 6288
      245/35R19 93Y 6292
      255/40R19 100Y 6295
      285/35R19 99Y 6297
      245/45R20 103Y 6221
      255/35R20 97W 6223
      275/40R20 106Y 6227
      305/35R20 107Y 6228