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  • Koni Sport (Yellow) Shock 2011-14 Ford Mustang

    $342.00 $249.00

     Koni Sport (Yellow) Shock 11-14 Ford Mustang V8 All models excl. GT 500 - Front. 87411549Sport

    The Koni Sport product line is one of our specialities. Koni serves Sporting Drivers with a carefully designed range of sport shock absorbers. This product focuses on exceptional road holding and handling, combined with a reasonable level of driving comfort. They can also be used with spring kits to lower a vehicle up to 35mm.

    Many of the Koni Sport dampers are externally adjustable by means of an adjustment knob at the top of the damper. This means you do not have to remove the damper from the vehicle to adjust the rebound forces. This enables you to fine tune the handling & ride to suit your driving style. 

    Dampers without the top adjustable feature can still be adjusted, although they will need to be removed from the vehicle to achieve this. You may wish to use lowered springs with the Koni Sport range, if you do this please be aware the maximum lowering permitted is 35mm. Please also ensure that any bump stops are re-fitted to ensure no damage occurs to the valving should the damper bottom out. 

     * Big handling improvements
     * Reasonable ride quality
     * External rebound adjustment on most cars
     * Best KONI shock for all lowering springs
     * Re-buildable and re-valveable for custom vehicle setups
     * Yellow exterior finish
     * Lifetime Warranty

    Each Koni strut is sold individually, 2  will be required for a complete installation.

    2011-2014 Ford Mustang GT V8.4951cc