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PMAS Performance HPX-F Mass Airflow Sensor -2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT

$249.00 $225.01

This is the last mass airflow sensor you will ever buy.  HPX-F

For FORD vehicles utilizing frequency based maf sensors. (2015+)

Will never peg. Sensor will support over 700HP when installed in a 3″ housing.

Sensor has two times the range of the stock sensor.

Designed to have the factory 13-14 GT500 transfer function when installed in a 3″ tube for ease of tuning.

This sensor can be used in any housing from 2″ to over 5″. It can also be used for blow-thru or draw-through configurations.

Limited lifetime warranty.

*Requires 2011+ Ford maf connector
*Requires computer tuning
*Can be used on any frequency based maf system with computer tuning