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Ford Racing 8.8-inch Ring and Pinion Set - 3.55 Ratio- 2015 -2018 Mustang GT

$249.00 $219.00

Ford Racing 2015 Mustang GT 8.8-inch Ring and Pinion Set - 3.55 Ratio M-4209-88355A

  • Fits 2015-2018 Mustang  Super 8.8-inch IRS center section 
  • Includes OEM crush sleeve and pinion nut 
  • Requires M-4210-B3 Mustang 8.8-inch ring-gear and pinion install kit 
  • Made in United States in Ford's Sterling Axle Plant 
  • OEM Quality - our superior surface finish, hardening and manufacturing consistency provide the strongest and quietest gears in the market.   
  • Requires aftermarket calibration if vehicle is not originally equipped with this gear ratio

Note: 3.15 ratio differential not compatible with 3.31, 3.55 and 3.73 ratio gears. Use differential M-4204-MT or M-4204-M