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  • EXEDY Clutch Kit and TCS Intermediate Shaft - Ford 6R80


    This package includes the two set of components you need to tear up the drag strip with your factory automatic 6spd 6R80!


    The 2 weakest items in the transmission are the OEM Clutch Packs and the Intermediate shaft.This kit gives you the confidence to modify your motor without worrying if your transmission can keep up. A must when power adders such as superchargers, turbo's and nitrous systems are used. Highly recommended when ETs drop into the low 10/high 9 sec area.

    • Built to handle extremely high torque loads.
    • Installs into your 6R80 transmission with no modifications necessary.
    • High heat tolerance for high horsepower applications the factory clutch packs can't handle.
    • Clutch surface is 40% increased over stock to promote better grip. 
    • Shaft is made from 300M steel.
    • The shaft is a 100% drop-in product.