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  • FUELAB 1800HP In-Tank Power Module

    $877.42 $789.67

    FUELAB 1800HP In-Tank Power Module

    Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules are the ultimate in upgraded fuel system components. Developed for racing and street use, these fuel systems are designed for quick, easy installation into your factory tank or aftermarket fuel cell. Our single pump design supports up to 1800HP, increases reliability by eliminating multi pump configurations, and saves you time and money.

    * Based on our popular Prodigy Series, but in a new configuration for in-tank applications
    * Compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol 
    * Jet pump compatibility for saddle tanks or internal pumps 
    * High efficiency sling vane positive displacement pump
    * Special housing shape for extremely quiet operation and steady pressure
    * Carbon 9-vane construction with pressure balanced rotor for high reliability
    * Backed by 2 year limited warranty

    * Internal Speed controller for variable flow operation
    * 12 to 16 volt vehicle electrical system compatibility
    * Accepts PWM input for speed control
    * No expensive add-on voltage regulators or pump controllers required
    * Continuous duty-motor speed can be adjusted for street or strip fuel demand

    Model 92902 InTank
    Based on our popular 42402 series, but in a new configuration for in tank applications.

    * Lightweight super efficient DC brushless motor reduces current draw
    * Low mass rotor for high speed reaction to changes in speed and flow
    * Powerful high flux density neodymium rare earth magnets
    * No motor brushes to wear out or corrode (low sulfur diesel, no problem)
    * Wet motor design, no dynamic shaft seals that can wear out

    * Requires the use of a bypass style regulator and return line
    * Single Drop in Fuel Pump
    * Installation kits available for Fabricator Series and Vehicle Specific Applications
    * No wires to pass in fuel tanks
    * Eliminates the need for multi-pump wiring,Y-blocks, and extra plumbing
    * Retains OEM level sensor and connector
    * Easy service access flange system
    * Installation kits sold separately
    * Utilizes the factory tank, o-ring, lock ring and mounting location
    * Can be used without 529 Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulator
    * Features Noise Dampening Pump Mount Technology