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FORE Fuel System (w/out Drop-In Pump Module) 2015-2017 F150 5.0L

$1,549.00 $1,466.00

FORE fuel system kit for your 2015-2017 F150 - Without fuel pump module and electrical.

Custom, quality built fuel module and wiring harness by Jamie Decker sold in another kit.


***Professional installation is recommended as this it is a custom fuel system.

***Fittings will vary according to intake manifold and power adder.

Fuel system by Fore Innovations specs:

  • 2015+ Coyote fuel rails
  • High capacity F2i static referenced regulator. (includes 0-100 psi gauge)
  • 88mm inline fuel filter with reusable stainless steel filter media
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing.
  • 30 feet of -8 AN PTFE fuel line (E85 compatible)
  • 10 billet compression style hose ends (6 x straight, 4 x 90 degree)
  • Qty 5, billet low profile 90 degree AN to ORB swivel fittings
  • Qty 2, billet straight AN to ORB fittings
  • Qty 1, 3/8 EFI female to ORB-10 male adapter
  • Qty 2, 3/8 EFI female to AN-8 male adapters
  • Qty 1, ORB-8 plug
  • Qty 10, hose straps with stainless mounting screws