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  • Oz Tuning Spec - ProCharger Stage 2 Kit - 11-14 F150 5.0

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    Oz Tuning Spec - ProCharger Stage 2 Intercooled Kit.

    Oz Tuning has spec'd the most complete, most efficient, and most effective Procharger kit available for your 5.0 F150. Our Procharger kits will make more horsepower per PSI than any standard kit available. Here's why....

    We have designed this kit around Procharger's latest P-1X and D-1X superchargers.

    The ProCharger P-1X and D-1X head units feature the robust, self-contained gearcase that is standard on most ProCharger models, but with a new aerodynamic compressor design that creates cooler charge air temperatures and more horsepower at the same boost level than our industry-standard P-1SC-1 and D-1SC. 

    These new designs are built on the same proven technology that propels the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC models to near 4-digit power numbers and slightly beyond, and feature the same step-up ratio. The compressor side of the supercharger (the volute and impeller) was redesigned with greater efficiency and less parasitic engine load in mind. This means less heat and less power needed to turn spin the impeller–and that adds up to more horsepower.

    In addition to spec'ing the best supercharger for your 5.0 F150, we've also taken all of the rest of the guess work out. We've spec'd the kit to produce 10-12 psi (depending on max RPM and exhaust mods), included high quality Ford Racing Injectors, a Rat-Stat 170* thermostat, and even included NGK pregapped one-step colder spark plugs. Combine all of these with our proven Oz Tuning Forced Induction tune, and you've got the perfect recipe for a fun, reliable, and powerful rig!

     P-1X/D-1X FEATURES:

    • More power per psi, more maximum HP, and cooler charge air temperatures
    • P-1X™ is 875+ HP capable (We’ve found the P-1X to be more responsive in the midrange, which makes it a much better “street” option, in our opinion).
    • D-1X™ is 1000+ HP capable (The D-1X is still “king” when it comes to making big power in the top-end, but if you aren’t planning to build your motor and make well over 750 whp, then the P1-X will be a lot more fun to drive every day). 
    • Designed for today’s high flowing modern V8 engines producing 300+ naturally aspirated HP
    • Highly durable, High HP designs with a compact new state-of-the-art 9.0" housing/volute
    • Higher efficiency produces cooler charger air temperatures and reduces parasitic engine load
    • Uses same proven gearcase as P-1SC-1 and D-1SC


    • Procharger Stage 2 Intercooled Tuner Kit
    • Procharger 1000+ HP Air to Air Race Intercooler
    • Procharger P-1X or D-1X Supercharger
    • Oz Tuning Custom Forced Induction Tune
    • Ford Racing MU52 Fuel Injectors w/12mm spacers
    • NGK 6510 "One Step Colder" Plugs - Gapped to 0.035"
    • Rat-Stat 170* Thermostat