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SCT/Bully Dog Programmer - FAQ'S & Troubleshooting

RTD Interface - How To Save Your Stock File & Email It

RTD Interface - How to Calibrate the Speedo for Tire Size. (PDF).

nGauge - How To Save Your Stock File & Email It/nGauge Manual: 

nGauge - How To Datalog.  

nGauge - How to Datalog (PDF).

nGauge - How to Calibrate the Speedo for Tire Size. (PDF).

nGauge - How to Perform a KAM Reset (PDF).

nGauge - Update Firmware. 

nGauge - Datalog Error. 

2011-2020 Technical Guides for the DIY guys. 

General Information on tuning.

How is the Omega Tune different from what other's offer?
  • Our tuning is unlike any other company. Our Omega tune replaces multiple tunes, so no more need to buy and load different tunes. Once you load our tune you can run any octane, 87, 91, 93, E85, or a blend of fuels. The tune automatically adapts and gives the best performance all the time. No more switching! We also tune the sport and tow modes, and all you would have to do is engage those features as you normally would. It is the most complete, versatile tune you can get.
Is there any kind of discount for a tune and tuner/programmer?
  • Yes. The tune is discounted when you purchase the tuner. Just use the drop down box, "Oz Tuning Custom Tunes (Omega). Discounted with this purchase" and choose the tune you need.

What exactly will I need to install the tune?
  • You will need a Programmer to install a tune onto your vehicle. The SCT X4, the Bully Dog BDX, or SCT BDX are the ones we recommend for the 2011-2017's. You will need a nGauge, RTD Interface, or MVPI2 for 2018's and up.
Is this a one time charge for the tune, or do I pay again if I need an adjustment due to performance upgrades?
  • It's a one time charge, and if you ever need an update, it’s $25 and up depending on the changes you make. Just visit our Re-Tune page and select the type of tune you need. NOTE: With parts purchased from our site that require tuning, the updates are free.
I just got the programmer, is the Omega Tune already on it?
  • No. You will have to go to our site and fill out the Tune Form to claim your tune. We can’t build it until we get the device Serial Number, the Strategy for your ECM, and the mods you have on your vehicle. For 2018's and up, we will also need a copy of your stock tune.
Tell me more about the “one” tune. I don’t need three?
  • Obviously the flexibility of being able to use any fuel you choose including E85 or any blend of E85 and gasoline, is a great feature. All of our customers enjoy the fact that they don’t need to change tunes if they need to tow or haul a load. However, one of the HUGE advantages that Omega has over all the other tunes is that we’ve taken the time to tune the COMPLETE operation range. We’ve adjusted the variable cam settings at part throttle, drive by wire settings to improve throttle response, transmission shift points and torque converter lock-up schedules to exactly match your particular gear and tire combination, and of course the increased power at full throttle. All of this comes together to make the most versatile, and most complete tune that is currently available for the 5.0 F150.
Is the Omega Tune safe?
  • Yes. We've designed Omega to be both safe and powerful. The very nature of how Omega is compatible with any fuel octane makes it infinitely more safe than other tunes that are designed for specific fuel octanes. You won't need to worry about your wife filling the truck up with 87 and the tune being setup for 93. Omega will adjust and adapt to whatever fuel is in the truck... whatever driving conditions you throw at it... and whatever load you're putting on it.
Shifting issues from other tunes
  • A lot of what our customers said from feedback, is that the Omega Tune’s shifting is superior to the others. Along with the performance improvements (improved throttle response, increase in low end torque, more top end power) the shifting is what sets ours apart. Omega is designed to shift where it needs to without jerking your head off but is precise, but not overly aggressive. Tow/haul mode has been fine tuned to get the best performance no matter what you are pulling.
I am barely a novice with computer and all this stuff scares me
  • The process itself is very simple, and it's almost impossible for you to mess anything up. We provide step by step instructions, and we control the rev limit in the tune during the process so there's little chance of you hurting anything.
How long will it take you to send me the basic tune?
  • Within 48 hrs of placing your order and submitting your tune form during business days.
I put a lift and 35in tires on my truck, will your tune be able to correct my Speedo and my shift points?
  • We build your tune just for your vehicle so we take in consideration tire size, gear ratio. etc.. so this will correct your speedo and help your shifting with the bigger tires.
Does this also include shift points and such or the ability to change shifting based on tow haul button?
  • We modify all transmission functions in the tune to provide a balance of economy and performance, depending on pedal input. We also modify the Tow-Haul functions to improve towing functions, and the Tow Haul button activates those functions, just as it would on the stock tune. 
Does it help economy?
  • It can help with economy but not all customers have seen this. Most comment on the towing, shifting, throttle response, and low end torque performance. You may see a mileage increase. There are literally hundreds of variables that affect fuel economy that are outside of the control of the tune. We have lots of customers that see a mileage increase, and some that see a loss. It greatly depends on your driving style and conditions.
What if I already have a tuner/programmer?
  • If you already have a tuner, verify with us our tunes will work with it if you are not sure. If so, all you need to do is purchase our tune. Fill out the online tune form. And we'll build your tune and email to you. It's a one time charge and if you ever need an update for performance upgrades, there is a Re-Tune page and depending on the changes you make, it is $25 and up.
What are HP Tuners Credits?
  • HP Tuners Credits are similar to a licensing fee HP Tuners requires from us to be able to tune your vehicle's ECU. There are specific to VIN, ECU strategy, and tuning file format. Note: If for any reason, any of the three criteria changes, more HP Credits will need to be purchased to re-license the tune.      

I removed my cats, or installed aftermarket high flows, is there anything you can do so I can pass emissions or turn off the CEL?
  • As a tuning company we have to follow EPA guidelines, so we cannot modify our tunes for deleting or replacing any factory installed emission components on a licensed street vehicle that has a VIN. That includes turning off CEL’s associated with such. While this does not affect drivability, the O2 sensors can throw the inefficiency codes.

Differences Between SCT/Bully Dog Devices?
  • To help you figure out which programmer to get you might be wondering what is the difference between them. The SCT BDX and Bully Dog BDX are the same device, just branded accordingly. The GTX is essentially the same, but has the added feature of a 5 inch HD touchscreen. All offer similar features and use Wi-Fi to download updates and custom tunes. Now the SCT X4 is very similar to the others as far as features and functions. The major difference with the X4 is you have to have a Windows based PC to load updates to the device. Whichever programmer you choose won't impact your custom tune, it's just the tool used to install the tune.


  • Download and install the HP Tuners RTD Flasher software from their website at this link RTD Flasher Software. The software will start to download immediately and follow all prompts to install. 
    • Connect the RTD Interface to your laptop.
    • Open up the RTD Flasher software to Sync the device by going to “Help” in the top menu and selecting “Resync Interface”. This will apply the Credits if you purchased them with the device. (Requires internet connection)

  • Save your stock file.
    • Connect the RTD Interface to your OBDII port and to your laptop.
    • Open up the RTD Flasher software. Key on the vehicle but do not start it. Under “Flash” in the menu select “Read Vehicle”. (This might take some time and requires an internet connection). *If you get an option to Select Hardware, choose option TC-298 with your vehicle's corresponding year.
    • Save the stock file and email it to us with your order number to tuning@tuningbyoz.com 

            ***If you have a connection issue with your device, you will need to download and install drivers from HP Tuners. 
            Use the link here Drivers, and click on "Download MPVI2 Drivers".


When I try to update my tuner, it says “Please connect Bully Dog/SCT device” but it’s already plugged in.
  • This is an issue with your PC’s driver software. If problem persists, contact SCT Tech Support and our support staff will walk you through fixing this issue.
When I connect the tuner to the vehicle, it doesn’t power on.
  • Check for blown fuses specific to the OBDII Port/Cigarette Lighter for your vehicle.
Does the tuner have to stay plugged in to keep the vehicle tuned?
  • No, after tuning the vehicle you can disconnect the programmer and store it.
Can I stack/combine the BDX/SCT with another chip or tuning module?
  • All chips/tuning products must be removed prior to tuning with any Bully Dog/SCT device.
Can the vehicle be tuned while the engine is running?
  • We do not recommend tuning the vehicle while the engine is running as this can cause severe damage to the vehicle and the PCM.
Should I return to stock before taking my car to the dealer?
  • We recommend that you always return your vehicle to stock before returning to the dealership as this prevents the tuner from becoming locked if the dealer updates the PCM.
My device is telling me my vehicle is a Shelby GT500, or something else. Or when I go to program vehicle or My device says Demo Mode when I read Device Info.
  • Check device settings and look for Demo Mode. If it is on disable it by turning it to off. This will cause the device to stop identifying your vehicle as a different vehicle and will now operate as needed.
My vehicle is modified and I loaded a preloaded tune. Now it won’t run as expected.
  • In most cases a modified vehicle requires a custom tune. There are set ups in the preloaded tune options to adapt to certain cold air intakes, however this is per vehicle and what works for one vehicle may not work on another. Please contact a Bully Dog/SCT Custom Tune Dealer for a custom tune if your vehicle is heavily modified.
Can I tune more than one vehicle with this programmer at the same time?
  • No,during the installation the BDX/SCT will be married to your vehicle. Once married there is an unlock fee to un-marry the device from your vehicle in order to install it on another vehicle.


  1. Make sure the microSD card is inserted into the nGauge.
  2. Plug the nGauge into the vehicle using the supplied OBDII cable.
  3. With the nGuage powered on and at the main menu, select “Tuning”.
  4. Scroll down using the down arrow ▼ until you get to the bottom and select “Read Vehicle”.
  5. Select the Vehicle’s Engine type to read.
  6. When prompted to Turn Key On, make sure to turn the key on without starting the engine.
  7. The nGauge will begin to save the stock vehicle calibration, DO NOT unplug the nGauge or turn the key off.
  8. When completed, the nGauge will say “Vehicle Calibration Saved” and list the name of the stock file and its file location on the SD card.
  9. It is now safe to unplug the nGauge from your vehicle.
  10. You will need to load the stock tune from the nGauge to your PC and there are 2 ways it can be done:  Method 1 - Plug theNguage into a PC using a Mini-USB cable (not supplied). When the nGauge powers on, select “Diagnostics” from the main menu, then select “USB SD”.  Method 2 - Eject the MicroSD card by using the wide-end of the supplied stylus. If your PC does not have a microSD card reader, use the supplied SD card adapter.
  11. Once the USB cable (or MicroSD card) is plugged into your computer, it will prompt you to “Open folder to view files.” Select that option.
  12. You will be prompted to select how to open this, select “Open folder to view files.”
  13. A file window will open up, this will display the contents of the nGauge. Select “stock files” to open and view the stock files you have saved.
  14. Locate your vehicle’s stock file.
  15. Once you locate the stock file for your vehicle, attach it to an email and send it to tuning@tuningbyoz.com along with your order number – You can also save this file on your PC for your future use and backup.
  16. Last step - Go online and fill out the Tune Form with all your information. Tune Form 

nGauge - How To Datalog 

1. Power Device on.

2. Select ‘Gauges’.

3. Select ‘Connect’.

4. If first time connecting to vehicle for datalog the nGauge will prompt you to choose a configuration. Select ‘FORD_GAS_2008_UP’.

5. The nGauge will now scan the vehicle for available PIDs.

6. To verify the datalog is ready, tap on the center of the screen and navigate to the ‘6 Gauge’ view. Ensure the items being monitored are - Gear CMD, ECT, IAT, RPM, TFT, and Speed.

7. To start datalog tap center of screen. In this option menu on the bottom right it will say ‘start log’. Selecting this will start recording a log.

8. To stop a log you will tap the center of the screen where it shows a stop button.

9. To retrieve a datalog you will need to remove the SD card or plug the nGauge into a PC using a Mini-USB cable and connect it to your computer. Navigate to the folder within the SD Card labeled ‘Logs’. In here you can see all logs currently stored on the device.