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We DO NOT tune diesel vehicles.

Please DO NOT contact us regarding anything related to diesel vehicles. There is another company with a very similar name to ours that offers diesel tuning, not us!!

*****All tune related questions or requests must be submitted via email. Tune adjustment requests WILL NOT be accepted via telephone. Any calls received related to current tunes will be asked to submit their request via email.*****

Contact Us

  • Business Hours: M - F - 9 AM - 6 PM EST
  • Forced Induction Questions - Email: tuning@tuningbyoz.com
  • General Sales / Technical Questions (Call or text) - 407-900-6250

NOTE: Any questions concerning Forced Induction applications need to send an email inquiry, please.

For after-hours and weekend support, please fill out the form below. All after-hours inquiries will be responded to within 24 hrs. Please include valid contact information with your request.